iStock_000003111056SmallHelp With Enjoying Complete Home Security

To most people, home protection means guarding against intruders through surveillance cameras and burglar alarms. True home protection includes the prevention of accidents in the home. Throw in the ability to know immediately when an accident has occurred so appropriate action can be taken, especially if there are children or elderly people in the premises.

Door alarms, glass breakage alarms and motion detectors secure your home against intruders. They have different applications but work similarly. A door alarm hangs from the doorknob and detects vibration. A glass breakage alarm attaches to windows with strong adhesive tape, and reacts to vibration. A knocking on the door or glass triggers these home protection alarms.

A pool alarms warns you when people or pets have fallen into an unguarded swimming pool. Motion detectors are dual-purpose home protection gadgets. They do not only guard against break-ins but also secure off-limits areas in your home against your children, who might enter them without supervision.